MBUK – more BCC goodness!

As you may have seen we're in MBUK this month!
The pics were taken a few years ago now, when Gee Atherton (riding for muddyfox!!!) cleared the "Smith Gap" landing on the never before (or since) attempted second landing.
Things have certainly moved on since then, with more trails being built by the hardworking BCC Dig Day crew and loads of mini races, events and activities being offered by the Collective and its members.
If you want to get involved, or ask some questions please email andrew.denham@blackcanoncollective.co.uk
The whole Allotment is licensed to the club by the Longleat Estate so you do have to be a member to ride there (and carry a valid BCC Membership Card). Riding the Allotment without a Membership Card will cause big problems as we stand to lose all the hard work we've put in to build this great local riding spot, so please join up if you like what you see.  You can join by reading our membership page here and following the instructions....

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