Crash bang wallop

Yesterday Geraint decided to test out the skills of our freshly trained Ride Leaders by crashing and breaking himself a bit. What he didn't realise was that one of our newest members and first time Tuesday Night Rider was a Doctor. No need to flex any AVPU muscles then...

Big thanks go to Mark Vose for his help and for actually having a triangular bandage!

Anyway, here's Geraints take on what happened:

Me and my big sooner had I said the words 'airborne' and 'faceplant' to describe my mountain bike riding style, than I tried to jump a log and went headlong into a course of events which includes, paramedic, A&E, sling and pain! Clavicle broken in two places, MTB off the menu for 6 weeks! Sorry to stuff up the best bit of singletrack on the ride, the sling from the RUH isn't much different from trail side first aid. Got my beer in at 12.30 when we got back, but that shirt will have to go....

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  1. Peter Spittles (Post author)

    Bad luck Geraint !


    hope you are ok and back to us soon
    cros my fingers
    all the best

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