Sweets and Rakes ‘diggity doo’

Tomorrow is a dig day up at the allotment, with an extended TDS (Trail Development Session) where you get to put your ideas forward and discuss potential new tracks and track changes by riding them (bring your bikes).

We will be working mainly on maintenance of the 4 existing trails with leaf rakes and a brush to get them clear of loose forest litter ready for the summer holidays.  Also, we will be raking the new lower sections of BBMS ‘massacre’ and Puppets ‘?’, which will help to define them a bit better.

There are sweets, chocolate biscuits and juice as refreshments and gloves for your precious hands.

See you tomorrow, I’ll be there bright and early from 10am

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  1. Andrew Denham (Post author)


  2. Andrew Grace (Post author)

    Ben thanks for keeping us organised.

    …as a complete aside I think I may have left my lunchbox behind…anyone seen it..I don’t want to be accused of leaving rubbish at the Allotment…but I can’t find it.. :-(~

    …and you all missed out my spectacular face-plant….heheheheh

    see you soon

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