Easy breezy ride

Ok , it's not an epic or weekly club event but it was arranged through the club forum and is open to all...

This weeks "easy breezy" Saturday club ride was well attended by ..... Err...... Me and and Al , silly really as the weather window Al predicted came good and we had a proper sunny one !

Shame on all you folk's with better things to do like trawling the aisles at Sainsbury's and taking the kids to ballet etc - you really need to get your priorities sorted !

Starting from the BCC car park (closer to home than the H & G) we rode down into the darkiside/doodles area and made a safer entry to the area from the road that we can use in future, no undergrowth was harmed in the making of this entrance , in fact it was more a case of making the existing moss and twigs more comfortable. - and it's less visible and safer to enter from the road !

We then rode around a bit trying to link all the bits of sweet singletrack together in that side of the woods - we even found a boardwalk (well sort of) to try if we can find it again on Tuesday

Down the road road, along crouching Tiger, hidden Dragon and sidewinder
etc, etc ( oh yes Al has names for all of them ) and back to the without incident or bus collisions.

Don't forget it's Wales next Sunday wooohooo!

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  1. Gordon

    Sorry that I missed that ride and I got the date of the big dig wrong. But I was out and about the woods later on Saturday. Had a great ride met three having a fun ride too. Sorry but can’t go on the trip on Sunday as it is our Ruby wedding this weekend so have the full family over for small party. So no fun for me this coming weekend.

    Have a good ride on Sunday.

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