the subtle nuances of urban recycling

Well despite the forecast the weather was fine, in fact it was a wonderful day to be at the allotment. For those who chose indoor in favour of outdoor - well, you missed out. Plenty got done and we had a good time doing. We now have a great new race line on spoons with a nice little rock garden. I say *little* because compared to those found on rockier slopes it's not much of a feature - BUT given our loamy location you'd be encouraged to focus upon the sheer determination required to locate and assemble such a collection of rocks. Sure it all looks a little muddy right now, but one shower and every stone will shine through.
The corners before will offer some flat out drifty lushness and will develop as they get ridden over the next few months. Nothing completely new, just subtle tweaks to make it all knit together with flow.
As for the rest of the allotment; we sorted every bit of drainage de-clogging old and cutting new to keep the trails running sweet come rain or shine.
Thanks to those that came and did, hope to see some more of you next time....



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  1. Marjory Hatvany (Post author)

    Double checked; and meat IS admissible. (Unfortunately, bad taste jokes about ringtones are not.)

  2. Andrew Denham (Post author)

    I stand corrected, but what of the ringtones… did I miss something?

  3. Stuart Ireland

    went up the allotment this evening new rock garden is great fun

    1. Andrew Denham (Post author)

      Cool, are the rocks starting to show through the soil yet?

  4. Stuart Ireland

    yea they are

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