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Sunday October 10th Club Ride away
Ok it's 2-2.5 hour journey and although I fully accept I am a bit OCD about early starts, I think we need to leave the Cheese & Grain at 7am to get a chance for everyone to make the most of the day ( the nights are closing in ) and I'm pretty sure Glencorrwg is in a different time zone too!

The trail is graded Red overall with an optional black section and some really sweet single track, boardwalks etc

Trail map HERE

Distance: 15km
Climb: 400m
Time: 1.5 - 3 hours
Start: Glyncorrwg Mountain Bike Centre
Overall grade: red/difficult

This is the most technical of all the trails in Afan Forest Park and is 90% purpose built singletrack.

A 6km sheep track climb gives fantastic views of Afan Forest Park, extreme exposure on tight singletrack means ultimate thrills and long, demanding descents with rocky steps to negotiate, all leading to one outrageous trail.

If you are up for it try out the optional new Black Run, graded black/severe!

As always you will need a good quality,well maintained bike with plenty of brake pad material, a helmet and suitable clothing and spares.
Just to be a bit prescriptive about it try and bring:
At least 2 tubes, patches, power-link or similar, a multi tool & pump & spare brake pads if yours are a bit dodgy.

Warm and Waterproof clothing of every possible description ( it's Wales !) trail food and plenty of liquids.

We may go in two or more groups depending in what people want to do and how fit/delusional they feel on the day.

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  1. Peter Spittles (Post author)

    Following on from Andrew post on the Forum about the first aid kits , can any ride leaders coming on Sunday please bring a pack big enough to carry one of the kits just in case you end up leading one of the groups ( there may be 2 or more groups ) we can always share our own kit around the other riders if needed.

    This is as the daypacks that are being kindly provided by Rose Bikes probably won’t have arrived in time.

    For the dimensions please refer to the link in Andrews post – any Q’s contact me

    Cheers !

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