super slow mo – a test

Taking photos or shooting footage of friends riding bikes is pretty cool.
We're lucky to have some really enthusiastic riders who are just as excited when behind the lens as they are behind bars. You've seen the stills that Tom Rickhuss creates, and had a taste of the videos that lay in store from a few others. Well, here's a little glimpse of what Dan Irons is cooking up...

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  1. jamie

    thts awsome quality and some sick angles could make a seriously good video with some more shots 🙂

  2. Tom Rickhuss

    Woah Dan. Sh*t hot! Makes me wanna shoot some video. I think if you and Denham sorted some footage we could see some amazingggggg clips from BlackCanon.

  3. sam chedgy

    Yeah! Looks amazing! I think spoons would look the business with the triple step down and the new beasty rock garden!

  4. ben lovell

    woooh dan those shots look insain! while watching it I had an idea – How about a giant bcc sort film we just invite all the riders that would want to be in it and have huge trains going down the trails (it would look crazy off spork) just an idea what do people think?

  5. Pete Spittles

    Great footage Dan – what did you shoot it with ?

    1. Andrew Denham (Post author)

      I know I know….(hand aloft)

      A canon 550D at 50 frames per second in 720p HD.

      It’s slowed down to 50% for most of the footage but the super slow-mo is processed in a software plugin for Final Cut Pro called Twixtor. Twixtor manages to slow the footage down to around 5% by generating additional frames with the power of wizardry and a lot of faff.

      Good ey?!

      We’ve got the same camera and software so are hoping to make a BCC short film or three together over the coming year… should be fun!

  6. SKIP

    Very good —-both rider & photograper

  7. Ben Batt

    Actually amazed!

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