XC Night Ride Away

After having to reschedule the away day to Brechfa for the last two months, we thought we'd not risk a third plan until the weather improved in the spring, so for this months ride away we stuck a little closer to home by popping over to Ashton Court for some fine Bristolian singletrack. To mix it up a bit though, we did it in the dark .

After a rain filled drive across south Bristol, blindly following Pete who "knew where we were going", we pitched up in a dark lane to thankfully dry, clear skys. Having put on all our warm kit, we heading into Ashton Court and picked up the trail. It was wet, and muddy, but filled with fun a laughs as only the madness of a group night ride can be. The mud in 50 Acre Wood was thick and sticky, making the going slow, so thoughts of two laps were soon but to one side since no-one was keen to to get stuck all over again.

Back over the road in the far less sticky stuff, we convinced Pete to ignore his earlier bad luck (punctures when its 6inches deep in mud are just not funny) and we were soon enjoying the Bikefest course we'd loved back in the summer (and indeed in October). A couple of deer, and badger and an alien later, we found ourselves back at the "start", so packed ourselves into cars and headed back toward home via the pub for a very well deserved pint.

Thanks to the Bristol Trail Group for making such fun trails and apologies for taking so much of it home! We'll be back, hopefully when its a bit drier.

Next month we are off to ...actually, that hasn't been decided yet... well; keep an eye on the forum and join in the fun.

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