The Gap

The day began well with us all crowding out the little cafe in Talybont, with cups of tea, coffee, & beans on toast for Mr Sheppard.
On to the bikes to start the 7 mile climb, enjoying the views, blue skies and bright sun shine, the day could not be better. Geraint had to make a quick return to the van for his gloves, well he needed to ride off his Saturday evening head!
We all had a go at riding up the impossible loose, rocky, challenge climb, where Kevin, Chris & Neil went back for a 2nd go. The rest of us stood at the top cheering them on, but no one made it to the top this trip. So onward to the cafe and half way stop.
During our time at the cafe enjoying sandwiches, welsh cakes & tea, we noticed Geraints shoes were held together with duct tape, very nice handy work. Well fueled and back on the bikes, we made our way to the top of The Gap.
The 1+ mile rocky descent now awaits us, will Geraint make it down without a pinch flat? Off we all go. Half way down Neil takes a rock to the shin, nice lump ! Also a bent chainring tooth, Chris the mechanic to the rescue with 2 rocks to bash it out. At the bottom, guess what? Geraint not only had a pinch flat, his duct tape shoes needed some serious work, like a lot more tape. With both repairs sorted, we made our way down the comedy bridle path, where a rider that will remain nameless, decided to go over the the handle bars whilst trying to avoid rear ending another rider. Back along the canal path to Talybont and a nice cold beverage at the local crowded pub.

Thanks to eveyone coming along, next month were going to Dartmoor for a weekend if you can make it, please check the club forum for details...

Here's some stats from the ride thanks to Gareth Simpson...

Distance: 34.9 kilometers
Elapsed Time: 4:58:17
Avg Speed: 7.0 km/h
Max Speed: 44.1 km/h
Avg Pace: 08' 33" per km
Min Altitude: 132 m
Max Altitude: 613 m

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  1. Gareth Simpson

    Top day 🙂

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