Chalk and Cheese

You know sometimes it can be a real let down when you meet one of your idols whether they are a sporting hero or rock legend.

Today was thankfully not one of those.

Well I had the pleasure of running into Martyn Ashton, and his bike tour in Bath, so I had to go over and say hello.

Martyn and I are both about the same age, and clearly he loves riding his bike too…but that’s where the similarity ends, you need to witness the show to fully appreciate his natural ability and the countless hours (years) of training.

Martyn had just finished getting the onlookers into a full on frenzy with his astounding bike handling skills (and a fair bit of showmanship) when I went over to say hello, but you couldn’t have hoped to meet someone more polite or modest, what a great ambassador for our sport.

Anyway Martyn thanks for the chat, and signing my BCC T-shirt.

If you want to see Martyn and a few other familiar faces check out or for more tour dates


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  1. Ryan Mckee (Post author)

    I saw them packing away later that evening, wish i could have caught it! 🙁

  2. Jason Southam

    Watched them in Frome last year and then seen him again at bike radar festival, talented man.

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