Frome's Missing Link

Most of you have probably heard of Colliers Way, National Cycle Route 24 which runs from Dundas to Southampton. At the moment there's two bits missing from Great Elm into Frome and at the southern end of Frome to Feltham Lane. Some of us got pretty fed up that nothing was happening so we set up a group to get things moving.

Yes I know that a cycleway is not too interesting to you but it does give you a safe off road way of getting into the Longleat woods or up to Radstock without too much bother. There are temporary routes but they do involve hills that would give many unfit cyclists a coronary. They are “maintained” by Somerset so while they do form part of their pothole collection there is not usually deep mud or stumps to jump over so are beneath your notice.

We are hoping to apply for planning consent in the autumn and will need all the support we can get first to get consent and then to build it, With so little money about we can expect a lot more voluntary work will be needed.

To support us just go to and sign up as a supporter. Whether you are just good with a spade or have the odd £500k to spare we would be pleased to hear from you and keep you updated with progress.

Geoff Pell.

Make sure you sign up to the petition here:


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  1. peter spittles

    I ride the Great Elm to Dundas ( and on to Trowbridge ) from time to time and the fact that the bit into Frome is not complete can be a pain as the road section is hilly and not very safe for inexperienced riders and littl’uns.

    I am signed up !

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