Basically we've started the first phase of re-building and tweaking 143, and as such it will now ride very differently:

The kicker that shoots into the seating area (with the left hand side option; thread the needle) has been completely re-built; it's now set back 2-3 ft, has a bigger transition, is a little kicky AND there's now a proper full width landing to aim for.

Please ride it carefully as it feels completely different, so you'll need to take a slow run first to get a good feel for the kick before going for it...


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  1. Ben Lovell

    lean back 😉

  2. Will Hardy

    Please take extra riding 143, be very cautious before riding at speed. The new take-off kicked will be modified and reduced as it has caused multiple crashes since the rebuild and a serious injury to an individual earlier today.
    Again, please take care and ride within your limits.
    Thank you,
    Will Hardy

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