Dig Day this Sunday!

This Sunday the 6th November, from 10 until 4.

We'v really been picking up steam recently, with more and more people attending our monthly Dig Day it goes without saying that we're getting more done.

OneFourThree is still the subject of our hard work, with the mini drop and "flip-flop" needing to be rebuilt with treated timber and the (wait for it....) step-up line finally being continued (!) we've got plenty to do. The new XC descent is also being continued - one of our longer term projects that will be great by next summer.

To reward everyone for working so hard we're laying on some hot food for the occasion - cooking sausages at mid day to keep everyone going.

So, come along and join us if you'd like - we've got plenty to do as always and will be grateful of the help.


p.s. The Allotment will be closed to riding during the Dig Day, as normal.

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