Stage 2 Velodrome Trip – Newport


Recently several club members completed a Stage 1 session at Calshot Velodrome, and we are keen to keep up the momentum. We are going to organise a Stage 2 session, but this time at Newport Velodrome as it is an olympic sized track and can accommodate bigger groups. If you have completed a track taster session before and are interested in joining us, just express your interest on the forum or send an email to- .

Thank you and we hope to see you on the boards.

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  1. Andy Colby

    Level 2 please Ryan and when do think it might happen? cheers

  2. Ryan Mckee (Post author)

    I would imagine late January/ early February. Keep an eye on the forum for more details 🙂

  3. Mark Pitman

    Ill be up for that – ive done a full day at Newport as part of a corporate day trip – not actually accredited as such, but with a pro coach, and i can get verification for what drills etc we did

  4. Ryan Mckee (Post author)

    Im sure that will be fine. As long as you have had some track experience i can’t see it being a problem! I will ask them however, just to be 100% sure.

  5. Jason Ayres

    Hi there Ryan,

    If you are looking to get numbers up I know a number of at Bigfoot would be keen. We have sessions (2 left for the winter both in Jan) at Newport and they are £70 per hour to book the hall (and usually you have 2-3 hours) plus the coach which is around £25-35 for the session, so you are looking at £10 per ride (17 riders at least but you can have up to 40) plus £7.50 to hire a track bike…unless you have one. You don’t need to have had any experience so it gets over the hurdle of having an accreditation and the coach caters for novices and experienced riders in one session.

    It’s pretty booked until April as all the clubs use it over the winter, but we are looking at maybe for the summer every 6 weeks or so for change and combining forces gets the numbers up. We link with Climb on Bikes (Hereford) CC BTW for this.

    Just a suggestion, see this link We are there this Sunday 😉

    Hope you, Chase and the crew are well?

    All the best

    Bigfoot MBC

  6. Ryan Mckee (Post author)

    Thank you for all of that Jason, we are currently at about 17-18 interested so i will be looking to book as soon as possible.

    Everyone is doing well thanks!
    Happy new year to you and all Bigfooter’s 🙂


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