BCC Bike Polo

It was a little bit drizzly at last Wednesday evening's session, but then again it has been every other time in the past! Only 4 BCC members ventured out into the comparatively mild evening to sharpen their polo skills. We were also joined by Bristol's Rich Miller, who displayed levels of skills us mere mortals can only dream of (It made me realise that playing Bristol may be a slight lapse in judgement)! Rich was confident we would enjoy playing against Bristol however, even if we ended up playing the kid's team...

We would like to see a few more faces this week, the weather is supposed to be okay on Wednesday so there is no excuse!

For more information see the Polo page- https://www.blackcanoncollective.co.uk/activities/bike-polo/
Or email- bike.polo@blackcanoncollective.co.uk


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  1. Dan Hunter

    Yup I will be there this week, should be nice and cold, a perfect way of keeping warm – bashing around the polo court.

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