Tony the tiger says, ‘Tickertapes, they’re Grrrrrreat!’

Today was a good day, windy and overcast at first, still and sunny at the end, where did the wind go? It blew away, and so was everyone with the track we used for today's Tickertape.  Puppets was the track, with a twist, Punch met Judy and everyone lived happily ever after, all be it a little worn out and beaten, but that's what happens when Punch meets Judy, people get a bit beaten up, ( however in this case - not with sausages? )

Beans !

Curtis Saunders, riding his Transition hard tail with 80mm front suspension had been practising coming into this round and absolutely schooled everyone in the art of G-narrr, taking the fastest time of the day, where does this boy get his energy from? Full commitment and throwing cranks in at every opportunity, a true racer.

Dean Evans, who has been impressing us with his progress, commitment and enthusiasm, was duly awarded this months beans trophy, kindly donated by Rose bikes.  Other mentions go to Ollie Butler, Tom Dunford and Ben Lovell for good sportsmanship and riding.

Chris Marsland received a spot prize of Muc-Off kindly donated by Chris Smith for his welcoming attitude that makes Tickertape’s so special.

Boats and hoes ?

There was quite a ‘jam’ feel to today's Tickertape, at one point there must have been about 35 - 40 people, people enjoying some of our other trails, people taking pictures and capturing comic crashes on videophones 😉 It was proper bonza mate and was well worth a didgeridoo to do. Well done to everyone and many thanks helping set up and pack away, its much appreciated.
Thank you also to Rose bikes and Chris Smith for the prizes.

Smithy speed

Same place, same time next month - 11am set up Sunday 19th February, and don’t forget Dig Day on Sunday 5th February from 10am.
Sam Chedgy managed to record some crash footage on (puts on Nelson Mandela voice) I phone, so prepare to cringe, laugh and go 'eeeee' 'ahhhh' 'wooooo' and maybe a bit of 'woah buddy! ain't nuttin but a peanut!'

Now for the results.

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  1. Chas Thursfield (Post author)

    LOL!: “Watch what yer DOIN’ !!!!”

    Funny as.

  2. Tom Dunford

    Boats and Hoes.

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