That’s rubbish, that is.

Litter Pick XC ride. This Sunday (22nd April).

It's a Mini Dig Day re-allocation of resources...

It’ll combine a leisurely ride with litter collection. It should only take a couple of hours if there’s enough of us. We’ll set off for a section of the forest in pairs, each with an empty rucksack lined with a bin-liner. One rider fills the others person’s rucksack so he/she doesn’t have to keep taking it off or putting it on. Simple as. Maybe take a few spare bin-liners with you, and leave filled ones at strategic (discreet) points ready to take back to the car park on your way back.

We did one last year and it was a huge success. In light of recent events, now’s the time to do another one (and before it all gets too overgrown).

We realise collecting other people’s litter is an unpleasant chore, but as well as giving you that inner glow of being really useful, at the very least it’s a gesture of goodwill to the Longleat estate proving that we genuinely care about the forest we ride in. Let’s make an effort. It’s all about the greater good etc etc. C’mon, people, let’s get as many riders out as possible.

If you want to get all competitive about it there’ll probably be a prize for the do-gooder does the best good (ie collects the most rubbish).

Meet at 10am at the club car park this Sunday. Bring your own BIG rucksack, hi-vis vest (if you’ve got one) and a bike. Binbags will be provided, as will anti-septic hand-gel-cleaning stuff. Gloves will be provided if you need them. Oh, and don’t pick up anything you don’t want to (that means anything that scores a 7 or higher on the Eeeeeeeew-o-meter™).

NB - Bring your own Eeeeeeeew-o-meter™.

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  1. Mark Amor

    Chas, What happens if it’s raining, you’ll melt ?

  2. Gordon

    I was very glad to be of help, as grandson Dylan and lady friend Clare. Between us we had 10 full black bags and two 15 kilo dog food bags full of bottles & broken plus the three that I could not get into the car.

    After going back to the car park I was told that could take the bags of rubbish down to Longleat for disposal into one of there pick up trucks and the driver would pick up the three that we had left beside the road way and he most have as they are not there now. There is still some more to collect at some stage though alone the road following Centre Park around to Crockerton. But all in all we did a good job, thanks for helping to keep these lovely woods clear of junk.

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