Too much junk in the trunk

A Longleat-erpick.

That's the new name for a Longleat Litter-pick XC ride. It's what we do with binbags, rucksacks and bikes in the Longleat forest sometimes. You ride off in pairs to a designated corner of the forest with a binbag lining the largest rucksack you can find, and then each fills the other's rucksack with loadsalitter. A simple idea which marries a social XC ride with some seriously good PR and a healthy dose of that greater-good inner glow we all crave.
We had a great turn-out of riders, but the odd number of 13 meant that someone either went solo (which doesn't really work) or joined a pair. So that's what happened: a threesome disappeared off towards Sheppards Woods and some daisy-chain sack-filling took place. It was a beautiful thing.
In a little over two hours we pooled our findings in Longleat's main car park, there to meet with Longleat staff who'd take it off our hands and dispose of it. To our surprise we'd collected well over 25 binbags full of rubbish, almost filling Andrew's van, and too much for the Longleat staff to fit in the truck they'd brought to take it away. And what a variety of detritus: a door, a car shock-absorber, an oil drum, a hoover, a cistern... not to mention the usual array of Monster cans, KFC wrappers and lucozade bottles.
Especial thanks must to Gordon, Clare and young Dylan who made a bee-line for the Crockerton area (a litter hot-spot) and collected so much rubbish they couldn't fit it in Gordon's MPV (Longleat staff went back to collect the overflow). Sterling work from those three.
It was also good to see such a cross-section of club members out together for the one cause. Truly inspiring.
Nice work, fellas.

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  1. Ryan Mckee (Post author)

    Good work! Sorry i couldn’t be there, was riding back from a weekend on the Wight Isle 🙂

  2. Gordon

    Nice photo. Well done for the litter picking.

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