Glory is like a circle in the water

Shakespeare said: "Glory is like a circle in the water"*, and much the same thing could be said about Dinner 'til Dusk (the BCC's mini enduro), held a week on Saturday at the Allotment.

If you (in the absence of Mr Noble) can manage more circles in the (inevitable puddles of) water than anyone else, you will have the glory of winning.

You will also be the recipient of glory if your sport based costume is better than that of everyone else or if your baking is voted everyone's favourite (I like lemon drizzle cakes especially, and bakewell tart).

Now I can't be sure you're all convinced, so if you could could RSVP to the thread on the forum that would be great, and if you want to help before hand we have a dig day this weekend to design and prepare the course. Plus help will be needed setting up on the day, not to mention putting everything away afterwards.

The big day is Saturday 06 October and the racing begins at 12 noon, for three hours of riding (solo, in a pair or as a team), eating and rattling musical instruments.

*In Henry VI part 1

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