This is it…

The dig day is almost upon us, and things are all falling into place....

The PPE has arrived, as has the litter picking kit and signs (Al is making up the sign back boards and posts as I type)

We've now got a scythe and a proper wheelbarrow to call our own

Rodney's coming to meet us on site in the morning to give us some fence related pointers

The girls are going to be cooking up a treat this evening

Our stigs are primed and ready to rip

Builders are eager to create new and resurrect old

Tools are stacked up in the garage

and day dreams are just itching to be realised

We've been apart for 112 days and have missed the place for every single one

It's been hard work getting here but we're back, and with so much catching up to do

Tomorrow morning can't come quickly enough

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