Dig Day Update

Not long until our first BCC dig day (Sat 14th June) and things are starting to fall into place; we've got the rigger gloves, permanent signs and a litter picking kit on order. Maria and Helen have been talking scram and have come up with a selection of home made cakes, sandwiches and pasties that should keep all of us content; the latest line up is chocolate brownies, banana cakes, Cornish pasties and cheese and pickle/BLT rolls. Lush.

I spoke to Rodney Garton today and have arranged the delivery of the fence posts and barbed wire to fence off the derelict building at the bottom of the Allotment. Rodney has been very helpful - offering to lend us all the tools we'll need to do the job and even helping us out with some paint to mark up persistent stumps.

The weather forecast isn't looking as happy as it could but to be fair it does look like perfect building weather; light showers (with sunny spells), 15deg C and light winds.

So we're on track for a great day, if you'd like to help out just send us an e-mail at committee@BlackCanonCollective.co.uk


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  1. boin

    I went up to the site last night with mi pop and dog, spotted a new potential medium sized step down where they’ve been felling trees. I also scoped out a new line coming off bbms, just after the rutted corner (badger skull), it goes down toward a roadgap, (over that rodedendrone mound) then cuts further along the hill than the old line, which I think is better because the old line I felt used to much of the hill very quickly, plus with the forestry operations happening so close I think we should aim further inside the western section of woods. I also scoped out a new run in into bbms, which comes straighter onto the (what we thought was bridelway) and there’s plenty of room for us to have a better run in I think.

  2. andrew.denham (Post author)

    Good work Ben
    We’ll certainly spend the first 30 mins or so scoping out the most suited route to work on based around the defult which will be the existing BBMS line.
    If there exists a better hybrid option that can be acheived within the weekend (or even first day) then it’ll get priority.

  3. WillH

    Step down : ) road gap : )

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