All hands on deck…


Saturdays dig day was a massive success with the entire barbed wire fence being built and BBMS given a complete overhaul.

We had great participation with well over 90 man hours of work completed in one day alone.

The girls culinary efforts received a warm reception with not an ounce of cake left over by the end of the day.

BBMS has now been opened (to members only) and already we've had some fast times being set, 40.82s is the benchmark courtesy of Tom R.

Planning of the next full dig day is underway with the aim being to work on another line and extend the existing BBMS taking it closer to the 1 min mark.

Full write up and photos to follow on the Allotment blog....(which we'll launch soon).

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  1. Fin

    That 2 wheeled barrow is ace, is there any chance we could get one of those, or maybe I could fix our one up with another wheel

  2. andrew.denham (Post author)

    It is lush

    But then ours is able to traverse side slopes without dropping it’s load!

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