Saturday the 14th February is a day to celebrate the one you love by spoiling them a little.

The BCC is no different, we love the allotment and so will be spending the whole day dedicating our time to pampering it, making it feel special and then giving it a right good going over the following day (well think of all those brownie points we'll have earned!).

You've guessed it; its the BCC weekender - as per the usual set up it's dig day on Saturday followed by a ride day on Sunday.

There'll be plenty of tea and biscuits for all those that help out but do remember to bring some lunch.

Full details to follow shortly, but in the mean time the dig day will run from 10:00 - 16:00.

See you there!

(If you're a non member and would like to help out then please come along, everyone is welcome to dig days!)

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  1. Fin

    Cor! don’t know if I’ll get away with that…?
    Gonna try and squeeze out on my new ride

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