Picture 031

I have heard it said that the reason downhill is such a great sport is because it's social and friendly – you're only racing against the clock. This cannot be said of today's Tickertape:

Firstly we were all battling against the rain, sloppy mud, and mechanicals. Bird was against Jim, Neil against Denham, Denham against a tree, Dave against himself, our shoes against traction, Sam (Wells) refusing to compete against anyone.

Sam and James were competing – to be muddier or crash better than the other while Will & Ben Batt were against full runs, preferring not to not finish each run rather than go any less than 168%.

Highlights of the day included very vocal support (or abuse), shouts of “PEDAL” to those with no chain, Ben's MC Hammer trousers, everybody going on everyone else's bikes, Will “sending” the biggest of the Spork drops and finally the Cobble Wobble King surprising himself by enjoying the wet – and snatching the fastest time of the day right at the death.

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