STOP PRESS: November Tickertape

Chairman ARC Denham:

"Can you announce the Tickertape Got Beans winners are Will Hardy for his incredible commitment to carrying on despite 18 crashes. Ben Batt for committing to every corner as if his life depended on the amount of roost he created. And Simon Truelove for riding fast despite a lack of chain, then beating rival Jim on Jim's bike after some balls out runs. Stems to Will and Ben, T to Simon."

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  1. Ben Batt

    Hey, thanks very much. I had a great weekend. Ive gotta say seeing Will send that top gap in those shonky conditions was one of the most awesome things I have ever seen!

    Also thank you for my Beans award! I would appreciate it if you passed on my stem to little Ben on the patriot, he was riding well but had a mechanical early on.

  2. Andrew Denham (Post author)

    No worries Ben, I’ll let Ben know!

  3. ben

    Thanks so much “big Ben” and thank you so much for helping fix my bike and thanks to evry one for helping with it. (It would be my bike that breaks on the first run and right @ the top)!!! And thank you Neil for letting me ride your sick bike!! shame it also broke

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