Save Still Woods

Many of you will be aware that the trails at Still Woods have been closed down, this is terrible news for the local riding community but not unsurprising given it's scale and illegitimate nature.

The good news is that the locals have teamed up to save the trails, working hard towards a lease agreement (or similar) with the land owners.

Now this is pretty much exactly what us Longleat locals went through a couple of years ago, so we've offered to help in what ever way we can.  We've sent over club documents, important contact info, and any and all guidance docs we could lay our hands on, hopefully this will all help them get to where they need to be quickly.

If you want to keep up to date with what's going on or would like to help please check out their website below:

They've worked hard and fast to get themselves organised as quickly as possible, launching their website and producing a great document outlining their intentions (see here: ). It's clear to see that these guys respect the place and deserve to be taken seriously by the land owner and authorities. As has been proven many times before - when user groups and land managers work together everybody benefits. Lets hope that the land owner realises what a dedicated and passionate group of mountain bikers they are , and gives them the chance they deserve.

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