Helmet Cam Footage – The Allotment

Yesterday, Boin and BB King rode the allotment and took some helmet cam footage of the trails. Enjoy!

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  1. sam Chedgy

    Love the video! Saved the best track till last I see. I love the look of spork in that video and the new parts look great! Well done guys

  2. gordon

    Very good I just wish that I was there & could ride the same.

  3. Andrew Grace (Post author)

    Agreed, Ben makes it look too easy and smooth…I can only aspire to ride that well. Just need some HD footage to bring out the true gnarliness.

  4. graeme cook

    Nice one Ben really like the new look spoons just wish i hadn’t sprained my knee ligaments at Gawton last Sunday. I might come and shout pedal!! at ticker on Sunday.

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