TickerLate rnd 2

Rnd 2 of the TickerTape Summer series was something of a treat, not only did we get to ride the loamy goodness of MCC but we also got to witness local hero (and secret practicer) Chris Smith testing the first ever set of schwalbe velcro tyres.

MCC is unique at the Allotment because of the way it's been built, in that we haven't actually done any building at all, just marked a super flowy trail down the side of the hill and left it to evolve naturally. What's great about that is the fact that every time you ride it the fastest line changes; corners develop ruts, ruts become worn out and then new lines get formed to miss out the speed sapping loam piles. Now, as fun as that is trails like this just don't ast very well, so we keep this one as a bit of a treat, something different to look forward to now and again.

Rnd 1 saw Steve Geall take the win from Chris Smith leaving Chris trying to find excuses why old man Geall had beat him on home soil. Well Chris took no chances at Rnd 2, with his secret weapon tyres that allowed him to pedal his way around every corner like someone riding a bike made from two loam spurting catherine-wheels. Chris took the win leaving the rest of us to dust ourselves down and think up our own underhand tactics for rnd 3 tomorrow.

Ollie Butler really impressed with his new attacking style, showing a marked improvement at every round, and Jamie Mc rode really well too despite shouting at himself on every run and nearly throwing up on a few! Both won beans, and deservedly so.

Thanks to everyone for helping set up and pack away, and to Rose Bikes for the ace prizes and support.

Tomorrow should be pretty slippery so pop a set of muds on or bring your body armour!

Set up from 12...

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