January XC Away-Day – Quantocks 'Plan B'.

January XC Away-Day - Quantocks 'Plan B'.
Having test-ridden *most* of the proposed new Quantocks route on Saturday, I'm very glad I did.
Unfortunately it emerges that some of the newly-discovered trails which were spectacular in late August, are proper-shonky in January and are definitely best left for re-visit in the Summer.

So... there will still be SOME new trails to ride on Sunday, but not as many as I'd have originally hoped. Sorry about that.

You can still expect about 4 hours of fine riding, a lot of climbing, a lot of descending, some pushing, great scenery, some big views, a few stream crossings and some rockiness.
Meet at 8am in the Cheese & Grain car park. All being well, we’ll aim to start the ride from the lay-by on the A39 just outside Holford at 9.30am (grid ref: ST158408). There are no facilities or shops on the Quantocks so please bring enough food, drink and spares for about a 4 hour ride.Β Please also ensure your bike is in good working order and have plenty of meat on your brake pads. And/or bring spare pads.

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  1. Adrian Field

    I should be up for it for a change

  2. PeteR.spittles

    Nice work Chas , sounds like a good job you did the test ride.

    Reading between the lines I am assuming the “plan B ” route will be mud free and will therefore fit summer slicks and moan all day about tyre choice πŸ˜‰

  3. Chas Thursfield (Post author)

    PeteR, I will ensure the route YOU take is mud-free.


  4. Sharon Loader

    Yes definitely up for a ride on mud free routes πŸ˜‰

  5. Alex Baker

    Alrite guys, I am looking to join BCC so was wondering if it would be alright to join you guys and meet a few of you before steaming ahead with the membership?
    Could someone let me know the deal if its cool?

  6. Chas Thursfield (Post author)

    Hi Alex,

    Everyone is entitled to tag along on up to two group rides with us in a ‘try-before-you-buy’ capacity, but then you must join if you want to ride with us thereafter.

    There’s a special offer at the mo: membership from now until end of March is only Β£10. Why not steam ahead and join anyway?


  7. Adrian Field

    I do have room in my car if anyone needs a lift, but I do only I have 2 bike racks, so am limited to one extra. I will be in C&G car park at 8.


  8. Alex Baker

    Sounds Good!
    Just to avoid any confusion…the Cheese and Grain pub in Frome is the meeting point?! BA11 1BE?!


  9. Adrian Field

    I can also pick up on the way from North Bradley to Frome if anyone needs a lift.

  10. Sean Watson

    Count me in

  11. Sharon Loader

    I may be needing a lift there πŸ™‚ Will meet everyone at the cheese n grain.

  12. Adrian Field

    Fantastic ride today, thanks to Chas for organising.

    I have uploaded the track from my gps to Facebook, i don’t know what happens if you click on it without a Sport Tracker account. If anyone wants the gpx file let me know.

  13. Sean Watson

    Thanks Chas!

  14. Peter Spittles (Post author)

    Thanks Chas, the 1/2 that I did was great ! πŸ˜‰

  15. Jason (Bigfoot)

    Thanks BCC for allowing us big footers to tag along to another ace ride with you guys and girls. Our mike p has put a few words and pics together http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/2012/01/quantocks-awayday/

    Hugs and kisses

    Bigfoot MBC

    Ps. Got a single track fest lined up for Stinchcombe and North Nibley for all you hungry riders….Chas just drop me a line when and we can get that going at some time in the future.. Or back to the FOD to some other hidden tracks….the choice is yours… But remember seat posts will need to be dropped πŸ™‚

  16. Chas Thursfield (Post author)

    Saddle-dropping is a crime. And I should be put away for life πŸ˜‰

    Thanks, Jase. I’ll be in touch re Stinchcombe etc.

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