April BCC Weekender – Dig Day

April saw our usual "second full weekend of the month" format challenged by the Easter break, so in the interest of camping trips, family visits and general brownie point winning we postponed our monthly event to the following week.

Saturday's Dig Day had the following list of things to do...

1. Basic trail maintenance (all tracks). - We worked on every trail, but is always ongoing
2. Continue work on the bottom of 143 (as per last dig days agreed plans) - Tabletop done, massive tree moved, but quite a bit still to do
3. Begin work on the existing and alternative top section of 143 (as per last dig days agreed plans) - Still to do
4. Prepare BBMS for this months TickerTape mix-up.Special Thanks to Juliet, queen of the leaf rake!
5. Collect rocks, stack wood and undo unused trail features to clean up the hill. - Always ongoing
6. Erect noticeboard at seating area. - Still to do

It was a great day; Juliet Amor deserves a very special mention for making BBMS prettier than ever before! And Mark and Gordon also, all three have put a great deal of effort into building stuff they don't even ride at the mo, we're really lucky to have such generous members! Cheers guys! 

(The next project will be a blue grade XC style downhill section so I'm sure we can all return the favour!)

13 people made it out at various stages, all chipping in and working hard to make sure that BBMS was ready for the TickerTape and the rest of the trails got the love needed to keep them in great shape for the summer.

The mini double on Spoons has been tweaked and is now a lot safer but should ride even nicer too, winner!

The new table top on 143 is lush, it's got a two stage landing, and is real floaty. It flows straight into a great naturally banked corner which fires you off towards a step up (yet to be built).

Tom X-Up

We also built a stepped push up to the seating area from the main fire road (bottom of all the trails) that avoids pushing up the back of that berm on 143.

And finally we routed a new line on BBMS into that real flat rooty corner which although easier root wise will still be hard to do real fast, makes the whole section flow better on a Sunday afternoon.

Cheers to all those who got stuck in, it was a great day!