Talk on Trail Building. Tues Nov 18th, Bath

Rider, Bike and Trail - Designing the Third Element

This may be of interest to some...

On Tuesday 18th November the local ICE branch is holding a talk on Mountain Bike Trail construction over in Bath. Key info is on the flyer, and this will be a great chance to learn about and discuss trail construction and management for anyone interested in MTBing and outdoor recreation in general.

Paul and Phil, who will be speaking, are both very knowledgeable and friendly chaps; so don’t be put off by the fact that the words Civil Engineering feature on the poster(!), it should be a really engaging evening for anyone with an interest in how outdoor recreational routes are planned, designed and constructed.

There is no charge or need to book.

Rider, Bike and Trail - Designing the Third Element

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  1. Sean Watson

    Good shout Chas, may be good timing…

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