It’s time to get back at it

Theres been a lot going on. Things have changed, things haven't, but the long and short of it is that we've never been away but we are back anyway...

I guess you could call it a relaunch, but its more a marker in the mud and a point to move on from. The issues with the Allotment, which lead to the club formally declining to extend the license with Longleat, mean we are no longer an access point for a spot of land to build on and ride. Instead, we are an access point to a wider spread of riding, of riders, non-riders, just nice people and fun, with bikes. Whether you join and become a ride leader, or you join, meet some folk to ride with and never ride with "the club" again, it doesn't matter. Hopefully most people will fall in-between and just enjoy things for what they are.

We are not setting out with any aim other than to enjoy riding and to help other people do the same. Keeping it simple really.

Please note: If you were a member previously, you will need to rejoin to access the new forum and Facebook groups. Check out "Join Us" in the top menu.

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