Life in the old dog yet

Just because its quiet on the internet, doesn't mean its quiet on the trails. Contrary to the local rumour mill we are still happily riding bikes, drinking beer and generally acting like "people who should know better", according to the drunk lady in the pub the other night.

Here's whats happened with the club, for those that don't know.

  • We decided that we were unable to continue to run The Allotment. It's still there, there is another party interested in taking it over, but the future is uncertain.
  • We have voted in a new committee and looked to reorganise/structure the club into a more "standard" cycling club.
  • We've suspended memberships until...
  • We're having a spot of redecoration work and a "relaunch" in the coming weeks.

So, for now its business as usual. Come riding with us on a Tuesday night, which is where, in the pub afterwards, other riding gets organised (9 of us have just been up in The Lakes for some ace riding, there is a regular irregular Thursday ride and many a weekend out and about too).

Expect it to be quiet here until the relaunch. The trails are still dry and we'd rather be riding that typing!

Remember, its all just about riding bikes now. Which is what it always should have been.


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