TickerTape Sponsorship!

Transition Bikes

TickerTape (our monthly timed DH event) now has a main sponsor; Transition Bikes !

Keith from Transition Bikes (UK) first heard about the club from Neil Cousins and Helen Cox at Bike Radar Live, so Neil put Keith in contact with me who was keen to know more. After riding the trails and chatting about the club Keith seemed stoked and keen to get involved.

Transition Bikes will be supporting the BCC TickerTape by providing prizes including components and T-shirts at every event for the next year!

We'll be re-launching the events on Sunday 30th August with a special Bumper TickerTape! We'll have hotdogs, home made cakes and drinks along with special Transition prizes, and excitingly; Transition Bikes owners Kyle Young and Kevin Menard will also be there along with  Sam Burkhardt to lay down some times on the new (full length) spoons! There'll also be a couple of prototype bikes and plenty of trickery to have a nose at along with the great atmosphere of TickerTape we all know and love.

This is pretty massive news, and will mean that there's even more reason to come along and give it some beans!

Check back soon for full event details!

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  1. ben lovell

    whoo got to try out some cool new bikes

  2. boin

    Schweet, I’m gonna get training for this one. Amazing news, great work guys.

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