This is Sam and Jim rebuilding the log drop on BBMS. Well Sam's the only one working because Jim is distracted by the sound of roaring Lions (or is that Syd' pooping?).
BBMS is pretty frickin' lush now, it's been raked to within an inch of its life, has loads of nice new markings and has seen some little but important additions...
We had another 20 elbows all getting their grease on; Sam, Marjory, Jim, Stacey, Neil, Ian, Gordon, Theo and Syd' all worked wonders this evening.
Moron and Spoons received the royal treatment too, meaning that the Allotment is tip top and ready to ride.
Thanks guys!

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  1. sam chedgy

    Has to be one of the best bits of track! Great build quality!

  2. Gordon

    Nice evening for a little bit of work enjoyed the company.

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