Play-doh Skills Area

There are only a few trail builders in the world who don't use play-doh to model the 3D doodles that fly around in their heads, and we all know that they use marzipan.

In light of the fact that we'd all just eat the marzipan, we stuck with the multi coloured joy doh and started 3D printing straight from our noodles.

That's right, play-doh makes you giddy.

Having got some ideas down, we'll be focusing on designing lines 1 and 3; something that Chris Smith can tell you all about....

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  1. pete

    LOL –

    1) You should have hired Morph to session it for you – I believe he has plenty of free time these days !

    2 )What the hell was that flaccid pink thing at No3 ??????

    3) If I bring some cloves and Marzipan can you do my Xmas marzipan fruits ?

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