More Mendip Mud

Four up in the post bus, Chris, Kevin, Steve and I (Al) meet up in Frome and headed over to Burrington Combe. I was breaking in my new toy, so stopped often to faff (I wasn't catching my breath, honest!) whilst the other chaps stood about getting cold and offering "helpful" advice 😉 We rode up and around to Rowberrow, where we played like little kids amongst the mud and filth, before riding back over the highest point in the Mendips, through hub deep mud, wind and a little rain. We love it! Chris flatted twice, Steve bent his seat clamp and Kevin happily rode without issue. I faffed, but thats OK 'cos she's lovely! Back home for a late lunch and a snooze on the sofa. Perfect!

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  1. Gordon

    Jammy! I’m stuck here with a baddie left shoulder. More physio this morning. 10.30 ….yuk.

  2. Gordon

    Nice pictures though

  3. Jason Southam

    haha, thought we past you on the way up, you wearnt kidding about the mud being up to your hubs, my bike come back an orange colour, but was excellent fun!

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