TickerTape WS – Rnd 1

The ground was pretty wet for first round of the TickerTape Winter Series yesterday, but its winter right? so what did you expect!?!

Spoons was riding well with plenty of grip on offer, well except perhaps for the new fast section after spork which offered 15meter drifts and giggles rather than traction or control - apparently it's at times like this that the word gripery is used, yeah that's right; gripery!
The day started well with over 20 people signed up to ride, with a £2 donation being made by each we're chipping away at our Freelap fundraising total of £680 (having already raised over £300 at the Triple Crown) and hope to pay it off by the end of the series.
There's been plenty of banter going back and forth between Chris Smith and Steve Geall recently, with Steve adamant that Chris will be resigned to second so long as Steve is on the start sheet. Of course Chris has won more TickerTapes than any other rider so he's earned his bragging rights but things change; Chris has lost out in the last two events and there're plenty who want to take the top spot.
As with every TickerTape mini races develop as the day progresses, less than 1 second separated 1st to 3rd, same with 6th to 9th and under 2 seconds between 12th and 14th; it was all very close!
While everyone rode well it was Charles Mountford who showed more beans than anyone, faceplating off of Spork which in all seriousness is pretty flipping mental. The day ended with Charles in A&E but thankfully he only had a mild concussion, sprained wrist and a bloody knee. Amusingly though he had lost most of his short term memory which made the trip there to the hospital pretty funny. So in the end Charles was awarded the Beans trophy and Stuart Ireland the 'King of the Hill' T-shirt for riding his hard tail with bald tyres yet still being more 'up for it' than anyone else. Curtis took the win with a last minute run just before the race was halted and my van turned into a neee nawww van. The sod. He'd been riding well though and it was only a matter of time before he put down a fast run. As for Chris and Steve...well...see the results sheet, apparently Chris was running the wrong rim tape or something....

If you've missed out on round 1 don't worry, entries are open at every round and with the points spread so tightly it's always worth taking part!

Thanks to everyone who helped set up and pack away and a Special thanks to Rose Bikes for providing the trophies and prizes for the series.

Next round is Sunday the 19th December on Puppets...

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  1. Andrew Denham (Post author)

    The results have been updated to include Charles’ time… (which placed him 12th)

  2. Andrew Denham (Post author)

    …and again to include Liam’s fastest time that was on the board but not exactly near his name… 🙂 – neater hand writing next time lads!

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