1 in 100 Lottery – The results

Well it was a long time in the making but we finally managed to get the first Black Canon Collective Lottery completed.

I think the idea was originally suggested at the end of August last year (2010), and after a little bit of a false start (we didn’t have a clue what was involved) we managed to get a license, produce some tickets and with a massive amount of help from club members sell most of them!

So to cut to the chase the lottery raised £390 for the club and in the process made a few people chuffed that they had bought a ticket.

  • First prize is £500 cash------------Mr Mark Vose
  • Second Prize is £50 Kushi Clothing vouchers------------Master Ryan Makee
  • Third Prize is £40 Batchelors Cycles service voucher------------Master James Hatvany

As this was the first event of this type the club has run, it was really a case of testing the waters so feel free to comment on the format that future lotteries may take, i.e. ticket price, prizes etc.

It goes without saying that the event would not have taken place without the support of the club members that worked hard to sell tickets (special mention to Chris Sheppard), friends, family and colleagues who bought tickets and the generous prizes donated by Kushi Clothing and Batchelors Cycles.

So congratulations to the winners and to everyone else thanks and better luck next time.

Comments (6)

  1. Andrew Denham (Post author)

    P.s. We know that’s not Mark Vose in the picture, it’s Mark Amor because he was there and is called Mark.

  2. Andrew Grace (Post author)

    Yep Mark Vose was in the alps on his bike by all accounts…some people have all the luck!

  3. Mark Amor

    I still have not got my royalty payment for the photo op ! I’ll
    have to inform my agent 🙂

  4. Andrew Grace (Post author)

    I’m guessing your appearance fee is £500…

  5. James Taylor

    re: third prize

    Is that the same Batchelors who make Cup-A-Soups? £40 would buy you a lot of crouton-y goodness….

    1. Andrew Denham (Post author)

      Well no, though that is a great shout for the next one!


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