Lots of Laps + Lots of cake…

Dinner 'til Dusk 3 - Heroes from Black Canon Collective on Vimeo.

It's hard to put my finger on what makes Dinner 'til Dusk fun.

There's the competition (despite everyone's denial), the way the work is shared (thanks Chedge), the shared hatred of the boggy climb (or any climb for that matter), the attempts at fancy dress (special mention to Marjory for her Suffragette costume), the banter, noise and 'styling it up' at the finish line and finally the icing on the cake was the BCC bake off.

Chris N won beans and the solo event for determined, haribo fueled, big wheeled riding.

Team Betamax (in training for Le Tour and bicycle brazing respectively) won pairs.

Finally (and some would argue most importantly) Karolina (Piotr's lady friend) won the battle of the bakers with a cake both tasty and beautifully decorated.

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  1. PIOTR

    🙂 It was really great event
    Thank you guys for lots of fun 🙂

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