Imaginary points creating a constellation

Looking at my technowidget ( after Tuesdays Night Rider I looked at the stats and shapes to gain inspiration for this jumble of words that you're now reading. Some of this may make sense, some may not but I hope it (loosely) describes the events of  stardate 1110.8 through 1110.9. I thought that the 19 equidistant imaginary points draw a shape which shares a slight resemblance with the big dipper and this got me thinking. So hold on tight, here we go.........

Seven astonauts led by Captain Sheppard began their journey on the tarmac to reach the lauch pad that is the rocky singletrack to the Ford. The bridge was crossed (for fear of getting space boots damp) and launched up into the dark abiss. A small patch of asteroids (traction less mud) slowed the pace slightly before once again hitting maximum velocity and winding the way up the twiddly singletrack that avoids the hellish fire road past the side of the allotment. For the final section of the climb some of the space travelers swapped Lunar vehicles and we headed back onto the upper slope of Beelzebub's fire road. All I can say about this experience is that I learnt how to change down the gears on a cyclo-x bike and that skinny 70psi tyres do grip. Lunar vehicles were then returned to their owners.

From the top we headed along an overgrown trail, nearly losing one space traveler in a black hole before reaching heavens gate viewpoint and the circular stone space time portal. As I reached out and opened the gate (which I hadn't opened for years but instinctively put my bike in the precise position required to open the gate easily) it I felt like I had gone back in time by 17 years. We then swooped along a newly revived piece of ancient single track which had previously been blocked by felled trees.

After cutting through the BCC shuttlepark we bumped into 3 alien dirtjumpers. They weren't hostile so they tagged on as we shreaded the singletrack from the Longleat entrance towards the doodle system. Doodle was by-passed, I created a new line called rodeo girl (suitable for 800mm wide bars) and we twinkled our way over towards Shearwater past another group of astronauts which were having a problem with one of their lunar rovers (it looked like they had the issue under control so we carried on). We dodged black holes (badger holes) and lauched over milky ways (that drop thing) with the aliens in hot pursuit. The climb out of Shearwater turned into an impromptu space walk and since Chas was more used to controlling his Lunar rover than space walking there was a slight mishap but he ventured on bravely with a sore shin. Back at the top of the allotment the aliens waved fairwell and sped off on a B-line for the pub.

MCC, East 17 and that trail with the log pile at the end were negotiated before passing some astronauts (again) and the race for the pub began (back the way we came).

Sometimes I look at the night sky in wonder and much like our Universe, the trail system that we have on our doorstep amazes me in the way it is contantly growing and evolving.

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  1. nathan collins

    really good ride and really good write up , thanks for letting us hook up with you guys was super fun we rode most off it again tonight riding it blind was a little sketchy hope didnt hold you guys up to much thanks again

  2. Chas Thursfield (Post author)

    Best. Write-up. Ever.

  3. Andrew Grace (Post author)

    Did you find some space mushrooms on your journey? Wierdly good. Hopefully you didn’t have to ditch in the Stella sea….

  4. Andy Colby

    Ace write up Space Cadet Si!
    What was a rough night for me, has now been translated into a strange intergalatic vogage.

  5. Marjory Hatvany

    “Second star to the right…and straight on ’til morning.” – Captain Kirk, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.
    Ace write up!

  6. nordog

    What Galaxy was the trail on?

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