Tickertape a plenty!

Sunday 20th November was host to the first round of the 2011 Tickertape winter series.  On a muggy kind of day, 26 keen downhill riders met up for some very fun timed runs down a slightly differently taped track we fondly refer to as ‘Spoons’.  The track alterations were very welcome, giving the track more flow and speed whilst presenting interesting changes in soil conditions as you made your way down the course.  There were perhaps 3 different types of soil conditions; soft and loamy, hard and a bit slimy and places where it was a little bit boggy.

Riding the course you had one of two options, you could ride the course as if you were riding a rollercoaster rolling and pumping your way down the track and get to the bottom with a big grin, a testament to the flow of the track, or you could go balls out putting the power down and get to the bottom with a bigger grin but be out of breath.

The times were really close, with 10 seconds covering most of the field’s FIT’s (Fastest Individuals Time).  Curtis posted the fastest time of the day coming in at 43.94 seconds.  Beans awards went to Nick Gregory and Ollie Butler.  Beans awards are given to people who show a combination of enthusiasm, commitment, determination and sportsmanship, so a big well done!

Sam Chedgy looked super smooth and stylish, whilst Neil Cousins schooled everyone by going silly quick on his xc/enduro bike with not very knobbly tyres.  Keith Saunders kept on posting time after time and at the end of the day finished joint 10th with Jack Wells.  Dan Little and Sam Wells also finished on exactly the same times sharing 12th.  Chris Smith looked pretty rapid aboard his new DH bike but couldn’t hold off the ever impressive Curtis Saunders.

After the prize giving and clearing away, there was still riding to be had, so people started to session 143.  It was a great session, you know the ones where nothing else matters but riding your bike with friends, feeding off of each other’s enthusiasm.  Andrew Denham and Tim Batt were on fire, going huge with style and speed.  Seeing people get this loose on a bike, whilst maintaining such calm focus is a joy to watch.

Excellent day had by all, many thanks to everyone who helped set up and pack away, Rose bikes for the prizes, Tom and Chas for the photos and Andrew Denham for organizing the day (get well soon).

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