Ride Away – Feb 2015

What with it being winter and all, we thought for this month's ride away we'd stick to something surfaced. We had ventured over to Swinley just before new year and had a blast so what better place for February's ride away!

We were 13 in all, some old, some young, all out on bikes for one common cause. Fun! It turned out to be sloppier than ever, especially on the red where they were doing some works, but the water was only below with favourable weather so who's going to complain? Exactly.

2015-02-21 11.30.00

Next month its off to Wales to enjoy the cafe at Glyncorrwg, oh and ride some trails too!

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  1. Richard Cory

    No it’s not a cycle path. “2 bits of concrete sat at the bar. A piece of Tarmac walks in. One piece of concrete says to the other … Don’t talk to him he’s a bit of a cycle path” BOOM!

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