Richard’s Trail Riding

I enjoy a huge variety of riding. I ride in all sorts of riding conditions and locations. I sometimes pay for uplifts at Bike Parks but mostly I enjoy "natural trails" riding in local locations which relaxes the spirit and give me a sense of freedom.

I appreciate these locations and understand that they are there for others to appreciate too. I am merely "passing though" and I believe I owe it to everyone to do this with the minimum impact on the environment. Marked and graded trails are fine for Bike Parks and other official riding locations but I do not create them or take responsibility for their impact - I simply turn up, pay and ride.

In the woods when I am riding natural trails I aim to:

leave as little trace as possible
make as little noise as possible
be respectful of other users in the environment

I hope that I succeed at this.

Do you share my view?


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  1. Alastair Mackinlay

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