Ride Away – March 2015

I'd be surprised if you have never been to Glyncorwwg, or Afan depending on which end you start riding at. Its an old favourite of a South Wales trail centre and with recent additions the trails are better than ever.

In yet another happy coincidence, the weather was warm and dry. So warm we had to stop at the top of the first climb to remove layers and base skin. A marked difference to the last time some of us were here when it was cold, wet and blowing a gale. The main climb out of the cafe has itself changed little over the years but in recent time has had a hair cut due to a tree disease. Its now open and you can enjoy the view all the way up.

We started on Blade for a jolly loop. Its a good fun trail that once you are at the top gives you a cracking descent with some fun fast rocky bits to keep you on your toes. The climb back out isn't to bad, for a climb and the final descent (we did the proper one, not Jetlag) is just a rock embedded fun-fest all the way back down to tea and cake at the cafe.

Suitably refuelled (and re-inner tubed in Ade's case) we headed back up for a lap of Whites Level. Windy Point and Energy are just brilliant fun. We tool the "new" final descent and to be honest, no one was a fan. The "old" descent, which is still there as an option if you want it, is just more fun in our opinion, but like so many things in life, its good to have options 'cos we are not all of the same mind.

More tea and cake before the long drive home. Next month, Exmoor!

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  1. Richard Cory

    Great day out. Huge improvement on the weather from last time out. Bouncy bike helped too. 1000m + climbing left me needing ice-cream after. Happy days

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