Night Rider

Last night we ran our second weekly night ride.

It was wet and very cold.

This week only 2 of us showed up, Chris Sheppard and I.

Chris managed to go over the bars twice, and I managed to come to a standstill mid way through a large axle deep puddle resulting in two wet feet and a jammed mech.

There was ice on the ground by the end of the ride and even the trees were shivering.

We rode for exactly 1.5 hrs by which time my lights ran out and my right foot ceased to feel as if it was a part of my body.

We finished at the pub by the open fire with a pint and some chips.

We're still scoping out the best route but once we're happy we'll publish the details of the ride so that more can come and join us each week...

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  1. simon truelove

    This web site is ace for plotting routes


  2. Fin

    For those of us with more than a torch on our phones, you can plot your route with yer GPS thingy and put it on TrailGuru

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