Frome "..the Whistler of England.."

Coined the Whistler of England by our very own Mr Smith (see above) Frome, pronounced /ˈfruːm/, is a medium sized Somerset market town that boasts more than most:

Release your bike back into its natural habitat.
You, of course, should follow its lead.

Imagine a place where you can give it your all and the riding options are endless. Imagine an incredible variety of terrain to explore (Vicky park, Vallis, the urban DH and best of all Johns steps), from epic climbs (Caherine hill), high alpine single-track (Shepherds woods) to arguably the world's best mountain bike park (the Allotment). This rider's paradise features bike-friendly accommodations (Frome YMCA) with secure storage areas (down town by the library), and rental shops that stock the sweetest rides (live2ride). Best of all, this place isn't imaginary. It's Frome - and your epic ride is waiting.

Now I know what you're thinking; that bit of woodland behind Welshmill park used to be mint, well you're right, but it's just not the same now and so doesn't deserve a place in the blurb.

All joking aside, we are pretty lucky to have so much right on our doorstep, and with riders like Chris Smith, Petra wiltshire and Steve Geall all having served time, well it can't be all bad...

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