Ladies Ride


No hubby and no girls to ride with, just me and myself. It was a prime day to ride with lush weather and a relaxed trail. There were no excuses; I was riding. From my home in Warmy, I headed to Center Parcs where I found myself among friendly walkers and ample wildlife. Not one deer but four were within 10mtres of me, sooo awesome!! An hour just blew by so I took a moment to take a picture of my day. Sorry but you have a picture of my face; my arm only has a 1 yard reach!  Then I spotted two lady riders. “Oooo a possible recruitment moment.” We greeted and I bragged about Black Canon and our Ladies group. Sadly they were from up North vacationing at Center Parcs, it was worth a try!!

Ok, enough of the chitchat and photo ops, it was time for a little skill building and heart pumping riding, off to the allotment. I welcomed the tree roots and muddy descent down the side of the allotment raising my concentration from mellow to perky! However, my skill did not match that of the guys practicing their down hilling abilities. I stopped to watch for just a moment and then looped down and back up the allotment. On my ascent, I passed four other bikers; great to see so much action on the trails. After many months of practice, the allotment ascent never deters me from accomplishing its' sumit, while panting my poor little heart out!  But this time, I only made it to the first plateau before taking a breather and then on to the next climb. I stopped at the Longleat monument. Another stop! ok ok, but the great weather, awesome people, and gorgeous scenery had to be savoured. I wanted to go down into Shearwater; however, my butt begged for time-out on the saddle. Time off the saddle = sore butt!! So listening to the voice of my behind, I made my way home.

Girls, the ride was not the same without you. With some company, I would have looked a little less crazy talking to myself.  Still jazzed from the ride, I decided to wash my bike!!!

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  1. Marjory

    You did us proud, girl! I was with you in spirit. My coughing has reached only twenty-a-day rather than the sixty-a-day proportion, so summoning up the courage to get back on the bike tonight. First time since the Christmas social !! Hopefully will be able to join you next week.

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