"10 to 15 more lads…"

Today was as hot as a dig day ever was,
the midges were militant and the flies were pretty aggressive too.
We raked and raked and raked then did a bit of digging.
Just a bit.
Not much.
Well... about 10 to 15 barrows (x 5)
We built a sweet little berm using nothing but soil (and sweat), rode it a bit then went home.

The next round of the 2010 BCC TickerTape DH Series* is on BBMS and thanks to all the recent hard work we'll be using the brand new bottom section for the first time!

(it's fast, off-camber and super flowy)

* well, it makes it sound "Pro"...

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  1. gordon

    Well done lads. I was only there for a few minutes and it was hell with the heat and flies. Sorry that I was no help on this day. Andrew you need some extra strong Glue for that wheel barrow!

  2. Andrew Denham (Post author)

    Ha! Cheers Gordon.

    The trail’s riding real nice but with all the off-camber and tight lines it’s taking some a little longer to master than others…

    Roll on TickerTape!


  3. chedge

    Yeah Denham roll on the tickertape!

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