BCC on the iPad!

I know, I know, any device with a browser can see our website, but on the 6th June 2010 we were visited by someone using an iPad, for the first time!

More importantly we achieved our highest website stats ever last month with over 1,058 absolute unique visitors making over 4,080 visits and 20,810 pageviews!!! That's a hell of a lot of BCC love being spread...

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  1. Peter Spittles (Post author)

    How about an Ipad in the ride leaders packs Andrew ? with google maps, web access etc – I reckon it’s as vital as a chain tool really .

  2. Andrew Denham (Post author)

    I think that’s a great idea! Along with new iPhone4 headcams…. yummy

    p.s. that was my first ever attempt at a giff animation, and i am more than aware of how lame it is… 😉

  3. Dan Hunter

    Wow iPad on steroids! Andrew have you been in the out of date Mule bars again?

  4. Sam Chedgy

    No I dont like the iphone 4 looks horrible, 3gs looks loads better. I would have to become a rider leader i think if BCC are doing this. lol

  5. Dave White

    I was the first person to visit on the iPad 🙂

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